MA Economics

  • About Masters of Arts In Economics (M.A. Economics)

    A Master of Economics degree is geared towards enabling students who already have a solid base of economics-based knowledge to learn how to apply these economic principles to real-life situations. As most economics graduates would tell you, a Master’s degree in Economics allows you to hone your analytical skills, to utilize your expertise to come up with innovative solutions to a diverse range of problems, and to learn how to master various econometric techniques and software. Given the broad scope of scenarios to which such a skills-set can apply, a Master of Economics degree is rapidly becoming a popular choice for those pursuing graduate studies, alongside courses such as Finance, Accounting, and Management.

  • Programme Objectives

    The Master’s program in economics offers a balancebetween theories of microeconomic, macroeconomic, and econometrics alongside their scientific applications. There exists an opportunity to avail live experiential learningin the form of internships and also focusing on research undertaking pertaining to economic policy issues with access to empirical data. It is developing core competencies on critical thinking skills, hypothesizing and solving problems, data acquisition skills, data analysis techniques, the application of economic theory to analyze economic data, writing and reporting skills, and competency in the use of computer software. With an active placement cell, there will be scope for creating job opportunitiesin a wide variety of fields which include professional careers in business, banking, financial services, federal, state, and local government, consulting, and not-for-profit organizations.

    At Birla Global University, we aim to design and conduct our Master’s program in economics with a solid foundation for pursuing higher education like a Ph.D. degree in economicsor further graduate studies in related fields such as management, business, and law.