• Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA)

    Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA) is a three-year full-time undergrad programme that is the most sought-after in the Information Technology (IT) field. The IT industry is expanding at an exponential rate, creating a huge array of job opportunities. This multi-tracked elective course programme can lead to positions such like Software Engineer, System Engineer, Software Quality Engineer, System Programmer, System Analyst, Information Technology Professional, Data Analyst, Data Science Specialist, Could Specialist, Networking Specialists, and Cyber Security Specialist, among others.

    The razor-sharp programme curriculum has been developed in partnership with industry experts to ensure its comprehension and applicability in a real-world scenario. The program's main draws are projects-based learning, internships, and research-based projects spread across three years of study in which students will explore and apply their classroom knowledge while working on real-world business problems and use cases. The tools and technologies used by industries are incorporated into the course structure.

  • Computer Applications

    The study of computers and computational systems is known as computer application. Computer professionals create, design, and test algorithms to solve programmes and evaluate the performance of computer hardware, network, and software systems. Computer science has numerous applications in various industries such as finance, retail, automobiles, insurance, real estate, logistics, and hospitality, among others. Computer science applications are expanding at a breakneck pace as technology advances, necessitating the need for well-trained computer science specialists.

  • Employment Opportunity

    The programme is specifically designed to meet the demand for computer/IT professionals in industries, corporations, multinational corporations, and public sector organisations. After completing this undergraduate programme, there are numerous career opportunities available. Students who want to expand their knowledge and find better job opportunities can pursue advanced degrees such as a Masters in Computer Application (MCA), a Masters in Information Management, or a Masters in Computer Management. Master of Business Administration (MBA)/ Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), etc.

    Our programme structure has been designed and developed with the active participation of industry experts and top academicians in such a way that it prepares students for careers in IT-related jobs and software industries.

    The job profiles offered to a Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA) graduate are:

    • Software Engineer/ Software Specialists
    • IT Project Manager/ Project Manager
    • DevOps Specialist/ IT Specialists
    • Data Analyst/ Data Scientist/ Machine Learning Specialists/ AI Specialists
    • Cloud Specialists
    • Network Specialists,
    • Software Quality Engineer/ Software Test Engineer etc.
  • Objective Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA)
    • To effectively use core computer science skills and knowledge to bridge the gap between computing industry experts and business leaders, and to create and initiate innovation.
    • To prepare students to be resourceful, to develop innovative and sustainable solutions, and to collaborate in teams to achieve a common goal.
    • To prepare graduates to work and communicate effectively in an interdisciplinary environment, either independently or in groups, and to demonstrate scientific leadership in academia and industry.
  • Learning Outcome

    Following completion of the undergrad course, participants will be able to:

    • Acquire an understanding and knowledge of the fundamental theories of computer science and information technology, including algorithms, data structures, data handling, data communication, and computation.
    • Gain the ability to implement this knowledge to analyse new situations and provide long-term innovative solutions.
    • Acquire the necessary and cutting-edge skills to take on industry challenges.
  • Eligibility

    The Candidate should have passed +2 Examinations in Arts / Science / Commerce or equivalent. having Mathematics/ Business Mathematics or Statistics in +2 or three year Diploma in Engineering Examination conducted by State Council of Technical Education and Training, Orissa or equivalent degree 50% aggregated marks

  • Program Structure
    Subject NameCredit
    Programming for Problem Solving using C4
    Fundamental of Information Technology4
    Mathematics in Computer Applications-I6
    Environmental Science2
    Programming for Problem Solving using C LAB2
    English LAB2
    Total Credits22
    Data Structure4
    Data Base Management System4
    Object Oriented Programming using Java4
    Mathematics in Computer Applications-II6
    Data Structure LAB2
    Data Base Management System LAB2
    Object Oriented Programming using Java LAB2
    Total Credits24
    Application based Programming in Python4
    Design and Analysis of Algorithms4
    Computer System Architecture4
    Principles of Operating System4
    Management Concepts & Practices4
    Application Based Programming in Python LAB2
    Design and Analysis of Algorithms LAB2
    Computer System Architecture LAB2
    Total Credits26
    Digital Communication and Computer Networks4
    Web Technology4
    Software Engineering using UML4
    Automata Theory and Compiler Design4
    Getting Started with Arduino and Raspberry Pi2
    Digital Communication and Computer Networks LAB2
    Web Technology LAB2
    Software Engineering using UML LAB2
    Total Credits24
    Computer Graphics4
    E Commerce4
    Optimization Techniques6
    Program Elective-I3
    Program Elective-II3
    Computer Graphics LAB2
    Industrial Internship-I
    (Evaluation of Internship at the end of 2 year of study)
    Total Credits26
    Introduction to Machine Learning4
    Mobile and Wireless Communication4
    Program Elective-III3
    Program Elective-IV3
    Introduction to Machine Learning LAB2
    Project Based Learning (PBL) & Seminar6
    Comprehensive Viva2
    Total Credits26
  • List of Professional Elective Subjects
     Track –ITrack –IITrack –III
    Professional Elective-IData Mining & Knowledge DiscoveryMobile Application DevelopmentPHP and My SQL
    Professional Elective-IIBusiness IntelligenceDistributed SystemSoftware Testing
    Professional Elective-IIIBusiness Analytics and Big DataCloud ComputingEmbedded System
    Professional Elective-IVArtificial Intelligence & Expert SystemCryptography and Network SecurityInternet of Things
    Professional Elective-VDeep LearningParallel ProgrammingAgile Software Engineering

    *Subjected to approval from Board of Studies /Academic Councils/ Competent Authority


  • Duration

    Program Duration: 3 Years

    (As per NEP 2020 guidelines there is also option of 4th year for research which is applied only for interested students)

  • Course Fee
    CourseFee per Semester (INR)No. of SemestersTotal Course fee (INR)*


    *Additional Information

    • In addition to this fee, students have to pay the security deposit (10,000 INR) and Medical insurance (3000 INR PA).
    • Students having higher percentage throughout career will be eligible for scholarship
    • Students are required to maintain consistency in percentage to avail scholarship.

    Option 1 - Single Occupancy (In Campus)

    Due Date15thJune 202215thDec 202215thJune 202315thDec 2023
    Lodging (A/C Accommodation)Rs.70,400.00Rs.70,400.00Rs.70,400.00Rs.70,400.00
    BoardingRs. 36,000Rs. 36,000Rs. 36,000Rs. 36,000
    LaundryRs. 3,000Rs. 3,000Rs. 3,000Rs. 3,000
    Total ChargesRs. 1,09,400.00Rs. 1,09,400.00Rs. 1,09,400.00Rs. 1,09,400.00


    Option-2 Double Occupancy (In Campus)

    Due Date15thJune 202215thDec 202215thJune 202315thDec 2023
    Lodging (A/C Accommodation)Rs. 35,200.00Rs. 35,200.00Rs. 35,200.00Rs. 35,200.00
    BoardingRs. 36,000Rs. 36,000Rs. 36,000Rs. 36,000
    LaundryRs. 3,000Rs. 3,000Rs. 3,000Rs. 3,000
    Total ChargesRs. 74,200.00Rs. 74,200.00Rs. 74,200.00Rs. 74,200.00


    Triple Occupancy (In Campus)

    Due Date15thJune 202215thDec 202215thJune 202315thDec 202315thJune 202415thDec 2024
    Lodging (A/C Accommodation)Rs. 31,200.00Rs. 31,200.00Rs. 31,200.00Rs. 31,200.00Rs. 31,200.00Rs. 31,200.00
    BoardingRs. 36,000Rs. 36,000Rs. 36,000Rs. 36,000Rs. 36,000Rs. 36,000
    LaundryRs. 3,000Rs. 3,000Rs. 3,000Rs. 3,000Rs. 3,000Rs. 3,000
    Total ChargesRs. 70,200.00Rs. 70,200.00Rs. 70,200.00Rs. 70,200.00Rs. 70,200.00Rs. 70,200.00



    • * Two separate Demand Drafts should be made for Lodging & Mess charges respectively as per any one of the options given in the above table.
    • Student should preserve this schedule for timely payment of fees to avoid penalty for late fee deposition.
    • No notice or reminder will be sent to student or his/her parents.
    • No separate letter will be issued for Bank Education Loan.
    • Demand Draft should be made in the name of "BIRLA GLOBAL UNIVERSITY" Payable at Bhubaneswar.

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      IFSC CODE- UCBA0003109