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  • About the Certificate Course in Applied Data Analytics
    • This certificate course focuses on scientific and technical way of data analysis by using advanced software tools. It will cover basic statistics, data analytic techniques, data visualization and how to deal with business data management. It will further include significant programming languages R and Python, how to create data visualizations using Tableau and how to apply statistics and predictive analytics in a business environment with relevant CASE studies.

    • .To exhibit scientific and technical way of data analysis by using advanced software tools
    • .To communicate the participants about data analysis techniques, data pre-processing, data visualization and how to deal with business data management

      .To relate statistics and predictive analytics in a business environment with experiments and demonstrations using R, Python and Tableau

    • After completion of the course the participants will be able to -
      .Use proper techniques for analytical Solutions
      .Acquire problem solving ability of complex business decisions, quantitative literacy and critical thinking in seeking solutions to complex business problems.
      .Learn how to use software tools for data analysis

      This course will help students develop these skills and qualities and equip them to lead and manage organizations of any size.

    • Graduation / (Continuing Graduation) / Diploma / PG Diploma /PG / equivalent

    • Upon successful completion of the programme, the certificate would be issued by Birla Global University

    • 60 Hours [3 Months]

    • Rs. 5,000/- per participant

    • Live classes will be scheduled on an online platform.

    • Project-based

    • Module 1: Introduction to Data Analytics (10 hours)

      Objective: To provide an introduction to data analytics

      1. I. Basic idea of data and information, Introduction to statistics & data analytics, fields of use of data analytics, software tools for data analytics
      2. II. Data import and cleansing, data analytics in different sectors, basic statistics, and algorithms for data analytics, relational database, data warehouse, Bigdata.

      Module 2: Data visualization using Tableau (10 hours)

      Objective: To provide a basic knowledge of data visualization using Tableau Software.

      1. I. Tableau as a BI tool, visual analysis using tableau, tableau features, downloading tableau desktop, connecting to data sources
      2. II. Tableau interface with menu commands, data types, charts using discrete and continuous data, text table, word cloud, filled map, symbol map, dual axis chart, heat map, and calculated fields.

      Module 3: Data Analysis using Excel & SPSS (15 hours)

      Objective- Explanation of data analysis using Excel and SPSS software

      1. I. Creation of spreadsheet, Data handling & Formatting, Data Manipulation in Spreadsheet, Data management and analysis using Excel
      2. II. Explore statistical analysis with SPSS. Creating and analyzing charts, build reports, import spreadsheets, create regression models, and export presentation graphics.

      Module 4: Data analysis using R & Python (15 hours)

      Objective: To provide analytical knowledge on R and Python

      1. I. R as an open source language, Basics of R, R environment setup, basic syntax, data types, variables, operators, decision making, loops in R, vectors, matrices, arrays, factors, data frame, list, writing efficient R code, packages, R data interface, libraries, Charts and graphs in R, Statistical analysis using R programming.
      2. II. Basics of Python, Python environment setup, basic syntax, data types, numbers, strings, lists, tuples, dictionary, date & time, strings, variables, flow control, collections, functions, methods, python coding skills, running python programming using open-source web applications, Running python using Google Colab, visualization using python, Exploratory data analysis using Python.

      Module 5: Application of Analytics in CASEs related to various fields (10 hours)

      Objective: To demonstrate data analytics in different fields.

      1. I. Manufacturing, Service and Retail
      2. II. Finance, Marketing, HR, IT and Operation
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